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See What a Same-Day Crown Can Do

stephenlega • Jan 15, 2021

That broken tooth isn’t going to fix itself. Enamel doesn’t just regrow on its own, unfortunately.


You, however, can do something to repair your tooth, so it looks and feels whole again. You can come to our office in Indianapolis, IN to get a dental crown. More specifically, you can get one of our CEREC same day crowns. In a matter of a few hours in our office, your tooth can be restored to its natural shape and size.


Don’t wait another day to call 317-298-3384. Make your appointment as soon as you can at Isaacs Family Dental.

Better Materials

Dental crowns have been around in various forms for centuries. For a long time, metal crowns made of gold or amalgam (a blend of mercury and other metals) were the most common type of crowns. These were popular because they restored the function of broken, cracked, and deeply decayed teeth. They may not have looked pretty, but they did their job well.


It also makes sense that people want to have natural-looking, attractive teeth replacements. At first, ceramic crowns looked OK, but they were fragile. As a result, eating with these crowns was difficult.


Today, however, you can get the benefit of advances in ceramic materials. They are strong and durable like metal crowns while still look like a natural part of your smile. That means you can restore the function of your teeth and revive your complete smile.

Faster Results

Dentists have been placing crowns for a long time.


While simple, the process can take weeks in some places. First, a patient would come in for an appointment. Then, the tooth would be reshaped to support a crown. The office would order a crown from a dental lab. Often, it would take weeks for the crown to be completed and shipped back to the office.


Until then, the patient would wear a temporary crown until they came back for that second appointment. Sometimes temporary crowns break or come loose, which can make those weeks of waiting more difficult.


At our office, you can get a crown in a matter of a few hours.


First, we can make a digital impression of your teeth, so you don’t have to bite down on a tray filled with goo. Using CAD/CAM technology, we can use computer software to design your crown. This is connected to our in-office milling machine, which we can use to turn a ceramic cube into your crown. After some adjustment so it matches the rest of your smile, we can place your permanent crown that same day.


This process allows you to get a fully functioning crown in less time. This reduces your risk of something going wrong with a temporary crown. It also means if something is off with your crown, we can fix it right here. We won’t have to place another order, and you won’t have to wait for weeks to get a replacement.

Fix Your Smile

Rebuild your tooth with a same-day crown from Isaacs Family Dental. Call us today at 317-298-3384 to schedule your next appointment at our Indianapolis dental practice.


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