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Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis

Everyone wants a bright, white smile since it’s one of the first things that other people notice about us. If your smile isn’t as pristine as you’d like it to be, then pay Isaacs Family Dental a visit for teeth whitening in Indianapolis. With our help, you can soon:

  • Show off a radiant grin everywhere you go
  • Feel more confident in business and professional encounters
  • Make better first impressions in your social life
  • Enjoy romantic moments that are more relaxed and comfortable

What are you waiting for? Call Isaacs Family Dental today at 317-298-3384 to get started on your whitening treatment.

Our Teeth Whitening Treatment Works Quickly & Safely

Unlike with whitening kits you buy off the shelf, you’ll always have our experienced team ready to answer any questions or help with anything regarding your treatment. That’s something you won’t get from a box from the drugstore. Plus, our professional whitening treatment provides superior results to over-the-counter kits.

When you come to us for your whitening treatment, we’ll provide you with a set of professional whitening trays specially designed to keep the whitening agent on your teeth and away from your sensitive gums. Our team will show you exactly how to use the trays and whitening gel for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

All you have to do is use your teeth whitening treatment for a few minutes a day according to our directions, and in no time, you’ll have a whiter, brighter smile. You decide when your teeth are the level of whiteness you want. Periodic touch-ups will help keep your teeth looking beautiful and healthy.

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We want to help you get the white smile you’ve dreamed about! Visit us soon for teeth whitening in Indianapolis. Call 317-298-3384 today to schedule an appointment or request one online.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

There are many types of teeth whitening on the market today, and some are naturally better than others. We use a professional-strength at-home whitening system that gives our patients the freedom to whiten their teeth to their desired level in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Just use the whitening trays and gel for a few minutes each day, and you’ll soon have a whiter, brighter smile.

If used improperly or for too long, whitening strips can irritate your teeth and sensitive gum tissue. Some people also experience sensitivity to hot and cold after using whitening strips. At Isaacs Family Dental, we offer professional whitening trays that are designed to keep the whitening agent on your teeth and away from your gums yet are formulated to minimize the potential for irritation or tooth sensitivity.

For extrinsic stains that affect the enamel of your teeth, teeth whitening treatment is very effective. Oxygen molecules contained in the whitening gel interact with discolored molecules in your teeth, breaking the molecules apart and leaving your teeth whiter and brighter. This process will take place over a few days with our professional at-home whitening treatment.

Within the first two days of teeth whitening, you’ll want to stay away from any foods and beverages that can cause staining on your teeth. Anything with dee dark colors like red wine, coffee, mustard, and ketchu just to name a few. You’ll also want to avoid anything acidic as well as tobacco products as well. Your teeth are very sensitive to staining during that time, so you’ll want to have a diet of lighter colored meals, like poultry, yogurt, rice, pasta, bread, and others. After that, you can eat and drink what you want!