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marybethallen • Oct 01, 2021

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be busy putting together the kids’ costumes and probably attending a Halloween party or two.


As fun as this time of year can be, it can also be problematic for your teeth.


Biting into a candy apple and breaking a tooth, tripping on a curb while trick-or-treating and face planting on the pavement, or using pain relievers for a nagging toothache that only seems to be getting worse…


These are all the kinds of dental accidents we often see around Halloween, so it’s important to us that you know where to go for help should anything like this happen to someone in your family.


Watch this video to hear about how we deal with dental emergencies in Indianapolis!


Then save our number so you don’t have to waste a moment searching for urgent dental care when you need it. Call Isaacs Family Dental right away at 317-298-3384 to schedule an appointment at our Indianapolis dental practice.