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Existing Patients

As an existing patient you are a vital part of the practice and we would like to keep you fully informed on developments and treatments that could benefit you. Our continuing commitment to you is to provide the very best in dental health care for you and your family.
Update your details:
Please keep your details up to date, including any changes to your medical history, or change of address, telephone number, or any insurance changes.   
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    How do I receive my patient records?
    Call 317-298-3384 and request them.
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    Do you offer sedation dentistry?
    We do not offer sedation; however, we have other alternatives such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or valium.
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    What types of appointment confirmation or appointment reminders are available?
    Currently we have phone, email and text options for appointment reminders. Make sure we have your preferred choice by checking in with our reception staff.
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    How do I cancel a scheduled appointment?
    To avoid a cancellation fee, please call or email our office with at least a 48 hour notice (24 is the latest) to cancel an appointment. Also, we do not accept cancellations over voicemail and ask that you speak with someone.
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    Do you offer childcare during parent appointments?
    We do not offer child care for patients or visitors who need temporary child care during a appointment. We do offer excellent extended hours from 8am to 5pm Monday, 7am to 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and 8am to 2pm on Friday. This allows appointments before school or work, during the lunch hour, or evening when you get off work or get out of school.
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    What is your address? Phone? Fax?
    8870 Zionsville Road Ste. 100 Indianapolis, Indiana 46278 P: 317-298-3384 F: 317-298-4742
If you have more questions please contact us
SiteLock David Isaacs, DDS, Amanda Harris, DMD